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The Importance of Stealing Ernest

Aug 2014

Muriel Warminster, a widow       Carolyn Knight

Catherine Warminster, Muriel’s daughter     Ann Roffe

Gloria Warminster-West, Catherine’s sister in law     Zoe Scott

Henrietta Warminster-West, Gloria’s daughter    Katie Abraham

Penelope Warminster-West, Henrietta’s sister    Lauren Roberts

Dylan, Penelope’s boyfriend       Joe Beddard

Mr Clutch, the Hotel Manager       Mike Evans

Colin, the maintenance man        Mick Knight

Alice, the maid        Jenna Davies

Jamie, a burglar         Richard Knightley

Nick, a burglar         Dan Thomas

The story is set around the Warminster family who have just attended the cremation of the aforementioned Ernest, husband, father, grandfather, and follows the family as they return to the Belgravia Hotel in preparation to scatter Ernest’s ashes the next day. The urn which is his temporary home turns out to be worth a fortune and various people try to get their hands on it.