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Peter Pan

February 2013

Wendy Darling       Katie Abraham

John Darling, her brother     Mick Knight

Michael Darling, his brother    Jim Reilly

Mrs Darling, their mother     Zoe Scott

Nana the Dog, their nanny     Jose Boon

Peter Pan        Max Ayson

Tinker Bell, a fairy      Ann Roffe

Tootles, a Lost Boy      Jenna Davies

Nibs, a Lost Boy       Christy McDougall

Slightly, a Lost Boy      Joe Beddard

Curly, a Lost Boy      Jose Boon

Twins, a pair of Lost Boys     Max Gurney

                                     Courtney Fletcher

Captain James Hook      John Putman

Mr Smee, first mate      Richard Knightley

Noodler, a pirate      Molly Prout

Skylights, a pirate      Maisie Pearce

Gentleman Starkey, a pirate    Zoe Scott

The Crocodile        Bruce Robinson

Lean Wolf, Chief of the Piccaninny Tribe  Mike Evans

Tiger Lily, his daughter     Carolyn Knight

Walks with Limp      Heather Hodder

Soars Like Dodo      Sophie Lord