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The Good, The Bad and the Ugly Sisters

Feb 2014

Cinderella        Lauren Roberts

Thelma        Mike Evans

Louise        Bruce Robinson

Belle Starr, their mother     Jose Boon

Joe Buttons, bartender     Richard Knightley

The Duke        Dan Thomas

Dan Dini        Ann Roffe

Fairy Godmother      Carolyn Knight

Snakebite Jim, an outlaw     Jim Reilly

The Avocado Kid, a Mexican outlaw   Zoe Scott

Biff Bodene, the Sheriff     Mick Knight

Winslow Baldwin, Bank Manager   John Putman

Clarice Wilton, School Teacher    Heather Hodder

Doctor Beauregard Brown     Jenna Davies

Horace Chesterfield, pastor     Joe Beddard

Deputy Clay Hackett, Deputy Marshal   Natalie Whitley

Lili, Saloon Girl       Grace Whiting

Lulu, Saloon Girl      Brionie Warnecke

Lola, Saloon Girl      Jasmine Wood

Mr Coff, Undertaker      Molly Prout

Mr Sellars, Undertaker     Maisie Pearce

Della Delaney, Store Owner    Sophie Lord   

Singing Bird/Maisie      Courtney Fletcher

Soaring Eagle/ Daisy       Daisy Prout